If you know of a woman who is need of help during this difficult season of her life please send her the the Foundation's website: www.cleaningforareason.org, or call us for more information regarding this amazing opportunity to help

Cleaning for a Reason

Until there's a cure, we'll be cleaning for a reason.

My Cleaning Company is proud to be an official partner of Cleaning For A Reason, which is a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to providing free cleaning services for women undergoing treatment for cancer.

The non-profit organization was formed in 2006 and is the only foundation in America cleaning homes for women with cancer.

My Cleaning Company has always helped women simplify their lives. That's what we do best! So it only seemed natural to become an active part of the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation.

As a local business, we are grateful for the success we've experienced through our many loyal customers. We take pride in reacing out to the community to help those in need.

We are committed to providing the gift of a clean home to women undergoing treatment for cancer through the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation.

You can make a practical, meaningful difference in the lives of women undergoing cancer treatments, too, by contributing to the only non-profit in the country that provides them with free, professional cleaning services.

Your generosity will help the Foundation offer more free cleaning to more women. Please visit their website to donate, www.cleaningforareason.org and we sincerely thank all of you who can help.